Master Craftsmanship

We Believe Your Bathroom should be a haven of relaxation

You need comfort, luxury and affordability, we at Le Grano strive to provide just that. Our sanitary ware is handmade, using only the best materials to our disposal. No synthetic colorants are used, therefore no color changes will ever occur. Natural fillers are used with resin as a bonding component – fibreglass layers ensure reinforcement to the product. The inside of our baths are filled with the finest combination of fillers to ensure heat retention. The finishing process of our products is completely up to the client. We have a few options to choose from – contact us in office to find out more about the finishing of our products.

History & Promise

We at Le Grano have such a strong report with our clients who remain satisfied with us because of our high quality products for the past 20 years. We present stylish and high technological sanitation ware designed for comfort and healthy living and to meet the modern living standards. Our sanitary ware products are designed exclusively to meet the needs of present day homes which have stylish interiors. At Le Grano we offer durable and yet affordable sanitary ware products to meet high end sanitation needs. At Le Grano we can offer you baths, toilets, basins and much more. Every product comes with a 15 year guarantee.

15 Year Warranty

We supply stores nationwide with our unique and beautiful baths, basins and toilets. Our hand crafted products are of the highest standard on the market, in fact we’re so sure of our work we give you a 15 year warranty.

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