Stone Sanitary Ware

We supply complete Stone Sanitary Ware sets. Say goodbye to the days of mixing and matching come get yourself a stone bath and toilet. We also go a step further and make a variety of shades available for you on request.

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Le Grano

Easy, Elegant and Beautiful

All our products are hand crafted, making it a one of a kind masterpiece. 


Designed For Comfort

It’s so much more than a bath, it’s your comfort. Enhance your bath time experience with an elegant, hand crafted stone bath.

Complete the look with an eye catching custom bathroom basin to match your bath and toilet.

Our stone toilets are so smooth you won’t be able to tell the difference between your coach and your toilet.

15 Year Warranty

We supply stores nationwide with our unique and beautiful baths, basins and toilets. Our hand crafted products are of the highest standard on the market, in fact we’re so sure of our work we give you a 15 year warranty.

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